Supply Chain Management Consulting

  • Detailed Description

Consultation service process


1.Diagnosis and training

Diagnostic evaluation, customer research

Analyzing pain points and guiding ideas

knowledge training


2. Strategic planning

Connect company strategy

Top level design and planning

Drawing a blueprint for change

3. Management improvement

Planning and Collaboration

Requirements and Delivery

Production and Supply

Sourcing and procurement


4. Implementation and Efficiency Enhancement

Process improvement and implementation

System optimization and adaptation

Execution landing and training


5. Ability advancement

Big data mining and analysis

Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Supply Chain


Demand driven supply chain management overall solution


1.Undertake company strategy


2.Supply chain strategic planning and transformation

 · Supply Chain Diagnosis and Maturity Assessment

 · Strategic positioning of the supply chain

 · Integrated Supply Chain Transformation Path Planning

 · Supply Chain Organization and Performance Design

 · Supply Chain Resource Planning and Layout

 · Digital Supply Chain Transformation Plan


2. Supply chain management strategy and process reengineering

 · Customer service and collaboration: predictive collaboration/delivery strategy/order management/inventory management

 · Supply chain planning: demand planning/distribution replenishment/production planning and scheduling/material planning/production and sales planning

 · Procurement sourcing: demand management/category management/sourcing pricing/supply/supplier and quality management/TCO cost reduction

 · Logistics and warehousing: Industrial planning/warehousing layout/transportation optimization/3PL management and collaboration


3. Digital Intelligence

Customer Service Collaboration Series Tools

Supply Chain Demand Planning Tool

Supply Chain Supply Planning Tools

Procurement sourcing series tools

Big data modeling and scientific decision-making

Optimization and improvement of ERP application

Guidance on Selection of Supply Chain Software


4.Implementation of Street Connection System Tools

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