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Professional processes in procurement are essential in supplying the company effectively with the materials and services it needs. As value creation grows more complex, the people in charge require high levels of skill and constant training.

We offer comprehensive training opportunities with individual solutions to suit your training needs. Our services even include support for personnel development. We will provide advice and help you develop a suitable offer.

For matters that affect your company, you should choose an established and reliable knowledge provider. We are a flexible partner with many modern learning methods and numerous locations.

Regulated buyers are restricted in who they can buy from. Our training helps buyers understand and navigate these restrictions – overcoming a major obstacle in procurement but maximising on making opportunities accessible.

Public procurement is often complicated. Whenever taxpayers’ money is spent – whether in the field of utilities, health, housing, transport or critical infrastructure – buyers have a duty to exercise the highest levels of diligence.  Having a detailed understanding of the procurement rules – and the practical implications for tenders – is a huge competitive advantage. Stakeholders often rely on their procurement teams for advice and guidance, but our courses would also benefit contract managers, finance and other operational stakeholders.

our team of experienced and qualified training practitioners,  have developed procurement training courses aimed at procurement practitioners, contract managers, finance and other operational stakeholders.  Through our training, You will learn about:

 · Supplier Selection and Evaluation
 · Procurement negotiation skills
 · Procurement Contract Management
 · supply chain management
 · Procurement cost management
 · Procurement strategy and risk control

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